Pack 23 Flower Fundraiser 2019

posted Feb 18, 2019, 7:32 PM by Committee Chair Pack23

Hi Everyone!

We kicked off the Flower Fundraiser at the February Pack meeting!  You can find all the information in the documents listed here.

Here's the main points:
  • Sales are now through March 12
  • Flowers will be delivered to us week of May 5
  • Scouts get awards for selling
  • Scouts also get 10% of their total sales set aside for any BSA camp in 2019
  • Collect money at time of sale
Its great to have your Scout actually experience the sales process of asking Family, Friends, and Neighbors to support him in his Cub Scout Pack by purchasing flowers.  This experience may seem daunting at first, but really helps them grow.

If you didn't get the forms at the February Pack Meeting, you can download everything here below.  

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